About the Scholarship Program

Thousands of students with inherent potential are unable to realize it in the absence of proper guidance and training. In order to bring them forward FIITJEE announces RISE. Unlike conventional scholarships which reward you on the basis of your accumulated knowledge, RISE is based on your learning ability.

How this Program works and what are its benefits

Students who are going to class IX or XI can join this Program. FIITJEE teachers will teach you one topic in the subject of your choice (The syllabus will be of the new academic year). A test to judge your learning ability will be held at the end of the program only from the topic taught to you. Based on the performance in the test, you can win scholarship up to 90% of the Tuition Fee for any FIITJEE Program that you join.

Other benefits to Students

  • Very Good preparation in one topic of your next year's syllabus will boost your confidence thus improving your performance in the next academic session, even if you don't join any FIITJEE Program.
  • By staying in our residential campus for 3 days, you can get a life of FIITJEE student ( Charges for the hostel accomodation for 3 days is separate)
  • By knowing your capabilities at the end of the program, you can decide about preparing for Engineering (JEE)/ Medicine (NEET) with more certainty.
  • Goal Setting by experts will help you to plan your academics better.
  • Your scholarship is not limited only to fund your education at FIITJEE but also for your higher studies in IITs/ NITs/ AIIMS.

Fee & other details

  • There is practically no fee for this program. You will pay Rs 4000/- in the beginning. Rs. 1000/- will be your registration fee towards the national admission test. you will get a credit of Rs 3000/- which can be used while enrolling in any FIITJEE Program.
  • This program is available at FIITJEE - Sriperumbudur Center with Hostel accomodation for student.
  • Hurry up! Program starts 31st March 2019 onwards. For more details and Registration visit your nearest FIITJEE centre, call 80 1089 1089 or SMS <Student name> < Class> to . RISE 9677177712


Maharishi international Residential School, Santhavelur, Sunguvarchatiram - 602106

Activity Date

31st March 2019 to 02nd April 2019


  1. Students who already qualified in BBE/FTRE/ Admission Test is 3000
  2. Student who is Fresh/Not qualified is 4000
  3. Accommodation fee is 125 rs per day

Registration :

  1. Online : www.fiitjeelogin.com
  2. Offline : Please contact FIITJEE Sriperumbudur - 9677177712

For more details 80 1089 1089

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