What you need to look at while deciding on a coaching institution for a tough competitive exam like IITJEE/NEET?

Preparation for tough competitive examinations like IITJEE/NEET calls for a structured approach coupled with diligent study and great self-discipline. Hence, guidance and classroom coaching are necessary apart from the hard toil put in by the student. A first hand student-teacher interaction goes a long way to crack these rigorous entrance examinations. In order to decide on the right coaching institution three factors are of paramount importance.

First one is the pedigree of the coaching entity which should be viewed in the light of consistent performance year after year. A long track-record of success should be the correct barometer for judging the quality level of coaching provided. Any flash in the pan or fluke result cannot be a guarantee for quality. So, beware of newbie institutes promising you the moon without a proven track-record.

Second factor to be borne in mind is actual results i.e. the real performance of the coaching institute. You may come across many false or misrepresented claims by unscrupulous coaching operators of producing toppers & rank holders whereas the reality is quite different. These so called toppers would actually be toppers in reserved category seats or ghost candidates who even didn't appear for these competitive exams. There have been several instances of pseudo identities- this year as well, where names of Toppers where swapped with photographs of other candidates living in distant locations! Such is the level of dishonesty of some coaching academies that they even take credit for candidates who may have just filled in an enquiry form or may have taken a brief distance learning course. One curious fact that came to light was quite shocking. When you add up the various claimed rank-holder data of all institutions and match it with the JEE or NEET official rankings you would find that in top hundred you have 200 claimants! Is this believable? No is the answer.

The last but not the least factor for an informed decision on seeking coaching is teaching methodology and pedagogy in use. Some institutions have innovative methods and really help the cause of the aspirant to crack the exams with ease but there are many others who are just teaching shops with borrowed content and poor delivery methods.

The best bet to navigate this minefield is to be vigilant, dig deep, cross-validate claims & counter claims. Please research well before you take the plunge of admission. It is recommended that you Invest your money at a place that is evaluated as best for you or your ward.